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The Sunday Slate (Week Twelve): Our AFC SPF Teams Face Conference Challenges

Posted: Nov 23, 2008

Cincinnati already played and lost (of course) which leaves us with one less game to cover.  The NFC side of SPF has one Swampland Showdown, and the AFC side has three critical games for our top teams from that conference.

As Always, SPF teams in CAPS with (Week 11's T.I. Poll Ranking)

CAROLINA (4) @ ATLANTA (8) - Our only Swampland Showdown of the week features a critical game.  Carolina has a one game lead in the division, but the easy part of their schedule is over.  Atlanta has to win this game to keep any playoff hopes alive.  Last week's loss to Denver seemed to indicate that the Falcons are still a year away from making the post season.

The Falcons want to show the Panthers that they won't be pushovers at home.  The Panther want to show that they are the NFC South's elite team.

There is a lot on the line.

NY Jets @ TENNESSEE (1) - The Titans have another game to prove that they are for real.  For all of their wins, the Titans will never be the "hot" team from a national perspective.  The Jets became that after beating the Patriots.  They have Brett Favre under centers and the New York market behind them.

Expect the Titans to bring them back down to earth.

New England @ MIAMI (2) - The Dolphins began their unlikely playoff run by successfully unveiling the "Wildcat" against the Patriots and blowing them out in Foxboro.  Miami can now essentially do mortal damage to the Pats playoff hopes with a home win today. 

If Miami and Tennessee both win, SPF's AFC East hopes rise accordingly.  This game makes or breaks Miami's and New England's season.

INDIANAPOLIS (3) @ San Diego - Indy faces the third of last year's best teams from the AFC after already beating Pittsburgh and New England.  San Diego has disappointed all season.  The Colts must keep winning to keep a wild card spot in their sights. 

We expect Peyton to make it happen.

San Francisco @ DALLAS (6) - The Cowboys face one of their old 80's rivals in a must win game.

WASHINGTON (6) @ Seattle - The Redskins have to beat the NFL's most competitive 2 loss team on the road.  They better have learned their lesson about showing up each week.

Green Bay @ NEW ORLEANS (8) - The Saints are playing for pride right now.  Their season derailed when they lost to Minnesota, another visiting NFC North team on MNF.  Let's hope the Saints have enough pride to show that division that the South trumps the North across the board.

Minnesota @ JACKSONVILLE (13) - Minnesota plays strong defense and runs the ball well.  This is the exact kind of team that Jacksonville claims to be.  A win against the Vikings should be expected.  SPF sees it going the other way as the Jack Del Rio era starts to fade.

HOUSTON (13) @ Cleveland - It would be nice to think that the Texans can go in Cleveland and beat a Browns team hanging on to slim playoff hopes.  The Texans should look at this game like a statement of their own AFC standing.

Somehow, we think it will only be another loss for the Texans.

Chicago @ ST LOUIS (13) - Chicago got stomped last week.  They won't be happy.  The Rams will be their unfortunate victims.

TAMPA BAY (4) @ Detroit -  The Lions have provided several SPF teams with an additional bye week.  The Bucs are just the latest.

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