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Bo Bice: Six Degrees of Swampland

"He’s a really nice guy, and I think his affection for that great old music is very sincere and respectful. I consider Bo an apostle of that music. For that I am thankful. He’s a really, really nice young man. He’s a great singer.

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copperhead says...

The Real deal

suedel says...

Thanks for the great page on Bo Bice, he is awesome ... an amazing talent and an amazing man.

GeorgesGirl says...

No one has stage presence like this man! If you love Souther Rock and live music, you must see Bo Bice perform. His voice, guitar picking and ability to engage each and every person in the audience is truly amazing. It's as if his spirit reaches out and grabs you and won't let go. Long live Southern Rock!

KKat says...

Bo Bice is the perfect guy to introduce Southern Rock to a new generation because he has a powerful ability to create an emotional connection so that we can FEEL his lifelong passion for the Southern Rock genre. Yes, he is a "product" of American Idol, but a "product" that Bo himself had honed since childhood. The fact that he made the top two on American Idol is quite an amazing accomplishment... especially considering that he did not fit the mold at all. That speaks volumes for his pure talent and ability to connect!

kathyfmp says...

I love Bo Bice. I've seen him 5 times in concert and he puts on a great show. He hangs around to meet everyone who wants to meet him. I love the fact he's doing Southern music. Everyone of the groups he likes are also my top choices. Marshall Tucker being number 1. Thanks for bringing back Southern Rock.

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