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James Franco's Film Adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy Book Child of God

(Sep 4th 2015, 15:17)

James Franco’s Adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God This morning I watched James read more...

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Ace Atkins' Latest Book The Redeemers

(Aug 28th 2015, 14:42)

The Redeemers By Ace Atkins I just finished The Redeemers, a fine book by Mississippi writer Ace read more...

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A Trip Back in Time: A Review of Bob Keefe's "Stories From the Okefenokee"

(Aug 16th 2013, 17:48)

In 1969 a young Marine returning to civilian life after a tour of duty as a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam found refuge in a remote and read more...

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The South has many voices--mine is but one--as well as many worlds. My world is part academe (and somewhat urbane) and part rural south where kudzu competes with cotton for supremacy and where we in the Tennessee River Valley struggle for peaceful coexistence with the prolific and persistent wildlife. In RiverVue, my aim is to capture a slice of this life, viewed through the lens of one "bred and bawn in a brier-patch" and refracted by many years of teaching and traveling. RiverVue may be about attending a festival in Florence, Alabama, or a wedding in Florence, Italy. It can be about be about kayaking on Bear Creek or hiking up a mud soaked mountain in the rain forest of Costa Rica. RiverVue is about celebration, diversity, adventure, friends, family, fellowship, and food. There will always be food. So mix up a mint julep and climb on for the ride.
As M.F.K. Fisher wrote in Serve It Forth: "When shall we live, if not now?"
-Penne J Laubenthal

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The Last of the Pascagoula: A Review

Review of: Jerri Chaplin

Vertically Coastal by Jerri Chaplin---A Review

I met Jerri Chaplin

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Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin': The Quintessential Southern Cookbook

If you love to cook or just love to collect cookbooks, start making space on your bookshelf now because there's a new cookbook in town. This delightful compendium of all things culinary, Gimme Some Sugar, Darlin' by Mississippian Laurance Daltroff Triplette, is true piece of southern Americana, as much about the culture of the south as it is about the cuisine. A read more...

The Shoals Area Heats Up for the 31st Annual W. C. Handy Music Festival

It's almost that time again when the hills of North Alabama are alive with the sound of music. The 31st annual W. C. Handy MusicFestival, which runs July 20 through July 29, 2012, is a ten day annual celebration of over 300 events at locations throughout the read more...

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Alabamian Lilly Ledbetter and the Fair Pay Restoration Act

by Penne J. Laubenthal Six months ago today President Obama signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. The signing of this bill was the culmination of a decade long campaignby

Conversations with Alabama Filmmaker Max Shores

by Penne J. Laubenthal Max Shores, a native of Winfield, Alabama, is a thirty-year veteran of documentary production. His documentaries tell compelling stories about life in the southeastern read more...

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Four Poems by Matthew Nolan: A New Orleans Poet

Caterpillar Girls (from Crumpled Paper Dolls, 2004) Should have known! Should have known! Between a phony butterfly and a never evolving caterpillar— Her pleasant sincerity is a funny hat that droops over her face, a blind dunce, a cartoon caterpillar; a squirming, eyeless caterpillar, on its read more...

Why GP Cries

by Harry Moore Beneath the seething August heat bolls of cotton crack, then burst in fluffy locks, green leaves twist, turn brown and fall. Black faces glisten as workers bend to knee-high stalks, plucking the soft fiber from prickly burrs, packing handfuls into the canvas sack they drag till it’s strutted, then read more...

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