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Doug Gray

Everything Old is New Again:
The Marshall Tucker Band Release
Tommy Caldwell's Final Performance

by Michael Buffalo Smith
January, 2007

The Marshall Tucker Band is alive and well in the 21st century, thanks to the “never say die” attitude of lead singer Doug Gray, the management of Ron Rainey, the support of Shout! Factory Records and most of all, ...

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Abbie Caldwell says...

This was posted in 2007, by now no doubt there are different players. I found the comment by Doug that he did not know how Toy stood it losing Tommy having lost Tim one year earlier bizarre. Tim died on March 28, 1980 and Tommy on April 28, 1980. One month a part. Doug had an amazing voice in the 70's, but he now says he has it back. Really? There is so much he leaves out and for some reason, some people hang on his every word. I've challenged him so many times and he has never responded, and he never will. He will not, bc he knows I am not lying. It sickens me that no one will ask the hard questions, except the women and he avoids them. Why are you guys so afraid to question his honesty? His lies are more important that the facts? I've never seen anyone treated as if he has really done something great, when he most definitely has not. You seem to be in awe of him, why? I am aware that Chris and Clay have left the band. I knew it was only a matter of time. They have talent. I wish them all the best. I'm hoping someone will grow a backbone, and ask questions, that can be backed up with facts. Why so wimpy? Abbie

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