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Gritz Legends of Southern Rock

A handful of bands from the Southern Rock Era have earned the title of  "Legend."  These are the bands that defined the genre and set the bar for all other bands in their wake. These are the few, the originals, the Legends of Southern Rock.

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MUNOZ28Vanessa says...

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riderjerry23@gmail.com says...

in 1978-79 i was fortunate enough to see molly hatchet and blackfoot in fla ina place called brassies what a time in life and their music still lives and is listen to in my home thank god for giving the world these talented people least i forget the best concert in 1976 colorado sunday number 2 lynyrd skynyrd headliner outlaws marshall tucker atlanta rythem section may we all keep the music and memories alive thanks.

David Layne Palmer says...

I might be wrong on this one but i still wonder. Back in the early mid 70s i went to see the Eagles at the Auditorium North Hall in Memphis. The opening band was a country rock band also and was very good....I was wondering if it was the band Cowboy that i saw that night. Does anyone know if they toured with the early Eagles band back in those days...i believe it was the Eagles first main act tour.....thanks for any info.

azgator says...

I would have to also include two other into the "legends" list....the Winters Brothers Band, who was around doing their thing before many of these legends were up and running...you know what Im talking about Gritz, youve been to their summer jams! Also Wet Willie, who pioneered the jazz/bluesy side into southern rock with great songs....

rocknrolldiehard says...

A truly great southern band, little known but hard to forget -White Witch. They may be overlooked, they may have never gotten off to a good start, or sold many albums. The radio stations certainly would never touch them and they may not have even fit into the genre of southern rock, but Capricorn Records delivered us two unforgettable albums beyond compare!White Witch! We will never forget these pioneers!

lvyost says...

Just wanted to say that Dennis Yost and The Classics IV were honored with being the forerunners of Southern Rock with the title "Soft Southern Rock". Gregg Allman was quoted in the Rolling Stone saying that Dennis Yost was the most influential person in the band's early days, when they were The Allman Brothers. (Dennis used to joke they came to see him to steal his show!)Even though I'm just his wife with a somewhat bias opinion, I wanted to try to set the record straight, that without Dennis Yost and The Classics IV, and their early success, there may have not been "Southern Rock". I want to give credit where credit is due. Thank you, Mrs. Dennis (Linda) Yost

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