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The Heart of Molly Hatchet: An Interview with Bobby Ingram


by Michael Buffalo Smith

Molly Hatchet is a band that has kept it rocking for over thirty years now with no signs of slowing up. Through all the personel changes, the good times and th...

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Steven S Sciortino says...

Great interview!I signed up right away to support the Somer's law.I still have her in my prayers.It is a good thing what Bobby and the band have done to make the rest of the country aware of this tragic and senseless act.The amber alert has already helped famillies find their loved ones.I have had the greatest oppertunity to hang out with all the band members,both on the Simple Man cruise and in my home town.I love these guys!The new album is awesome.I just hope that they do get invited back for the next and possibly last Simple Man cruise.I already suggested to them they should start their own cruise.Anyway I thank you Bobby for sharing your thoughts and will see you soon next month.

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