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GRITZ Comments from Friends & Legends


"Michael Buffalo Smith as a musician, writer, critic, and southern music historian really gets it. His taste and deep appreciation for the real thing are qualities that inspire all of us in his wake. And it's a big wake."

-Billy Bob Thornton

"The thing I like most about GRITZ is the honesty. The reason people read it is because of you, Buffalo. You know the history because you lived it, and you aren't always trying to work some "angle" during interviews. You just relax and have a conversation. I really like that. I am a big fan of GRITZ."

- Dickey Betts

"Michael Buffalo is the torch bearer for all of us. He is vital to our success."

-Bonnie Bramlett

Jimmy Hall, lead singer of Wet Willie, solo artist, Hank, Jr. bandleader, etc, etc

"Finally. A music website dedicated to the best music and musicians in America. An Internet site about American Southern Music! Gritz offers a plate full of the tastiest reading in Cyberspace!"

-Pete Carr, Top Muscle Shoals Guitar Session Man

Billy C. Farlow, original lead singer of Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen.


"All of the different aspects of Gritz are great and I like to click on and learn about things I didn't know. I learned some things about Jimmy Hall and Edgar Winter I did not know. It's a great thing for the fans to be able to click in and learn about entertainment and the people who do it."

- Don Barnes; .38 Special

"GRITZ (swampland.com) is the best place to get Southern Rock information. Michael Buffalo Smith is an artist and a Southern Rock icon."

-Bruce Brookshire, Doc Holiday

Tommy Talton, formerly of COWBOY, now with The Tommy Talton Band


"Gritz-What a Site ! Here and only here is where you can find out about REAL Southern Music ! It makes me proud ! Keep up the fine work!"

-George McCorkle; Solo artist/ Marshall Tucker Band founding member (RIP George, 2007)

"For someone who still believes rock 'n' roll played by Southern boys in the '70's is still relevant to people today, the Gritz website is a place you've gotta bookmark. Hey...they didn't misquote me! They must be great."

-Ed King ; Lynyrd Skynyrd

"It's great to have a place for fans of good rock & roll to keep updated on their favorite southern bands ! You wanted the truth ? You got the truth ! The bravest site on the net - GRITZ !"

-Jakson Spires and Jay Johnson; Southern Rock Allstars/Blackfoot (RIP Jak, 2005)

"GRITZ is the greatest. Thank's Buffalo for keeping the memory of our old music alive. Because of you, people will always remember me after I am gone. At least I hope so."

-Danny Joe Brown, Molly Hatchet (RIP, 2005)

Funky Donnie Fritts, Alabama Songwriting and Performing Legend.


"I just finished reading Gritz. Man does it ever ROCK! It's about time we had a site as informative as this. I just received an order from one of your friends in Sweden, thanks for the help. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about mine and my friends music."

- Eddie Stone; Doc Holliday

"A spoonful of Gritz is just what the Doctor ordered! Gritz will put some South in your mouth! Gritz is the PERFECT way to start your day!

- Dru Lombar; Grinderswitch (RIP Dru, 2005)

 "I just want to say I love the new format for Gritz." I have a heaping bowlful every time I go to my Bookmarks. I can't wait to read about the true Southern music and rock experience through the eyes of someone who really knows. Keep on Rockin'!"

-Chuck Ruff; Original drummer for The Edgar Winter Group

"After filming all day, I soooo look forward to coming home, logging on, and find out what's going on in my other world. The world of Southern Rock. I live in Los Angeles and it just isn't appreciated like it should be here. I go back in the early 70's with Toy Caldwell  and company, I played with the Reds in Greensboro, NC and 3 times a year made the trip to Spartanburg. You might say that is where I was schooled. Still, my days are started with a little "Cattle Drive" or "Midnight Promises." You guys do a bang up job keepin us informed out here. Kudo's to you and thanks much. Long Live Gritz !"

- Brad Lesley, former Cincinatti Reds pitcher turned film actor


In Memory of Our Supportive Friends, Brothers and Sisters Who Died Too Soon

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