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GRITZ Stoneground & Southern Compilation Vol.5

GRITZ Stoneground & Southern Compilation Vol.5; November 2010

Welcome to the GRITZ Stone Ground and Southern Music Compilation Volume V page.

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1 Molly Hatchet   Somer’s Song
A little over a year ago, a young girl was kidnapped and murdered in Jacksonville, Florida. The horrific crime hit the guys in Molly Hatchet straight in the heart, and they shelved an entire album they were working on in order to record their first ever real time concept album, Justice, The centerpiece of the album is a song they wrote and dedicated to little Somer Thompson. This is that beautiful song.

2 Don Ray Band    Poison 
The Don Ray Band was formed in 2009, ia blues and subtly jazzy, Southern Rock band created by world class songwriters and studio / touring musicians. Their debut album received fantastic reviews and accolades, and now they are back with an equally impressive sophomore effort.

3 Marti Bielmyer  Over The Mountain
Marti has been a fixture un the Upstate South Carolina music scene for many years as a member of several bands including Aces High. Now she steps out front (where she belongs) with the first single from her upcoming solo album. Marti is an accomplished song writer and blues/rock singer.

4 Pure Grain  Cowgirl  
A fine blend of sweet country soul, and southern hospitality, gives this Indiana band a heart felt sound all their own. Born and raised in Greenville South Carolina, former truck driver, singer songwriter, Chris Taber holds to the tradition of southern musical storytellers as he fills his songs with passion and vivid detail that is personal, political, and universally appealing.

5 Tom Coerver   Backwoods BBQ
Tom is back with his finest album yet Wood, Wire, Vibes...and Slide, showcasing more of his talent as a songwriter and multi-instrumentaist. Comin' atcha from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

6 Rickey Godfrey  Don’t Get Your Honey
Rickey Godfrey of Nashville, TN first rose to fame as a member of the Capitol Records recording band Garfeel Ruff, performing alongside his brother Ronnie. Later he became a fixture on the Carolina blues and beach music scene, and with his new album “Nasty Man” Rick returns to the Southern Rock and blues sound he does so well.

Blind Willy  Livin’ the Blues
On their new release, called "Willing to Crawl," Nashville based Blind Willy combines blues, soul, and rock elements with a little swampiness that makes you want to get up and do your groove thang. Doug Jones has assembled some top flight guest stars for the album including former Allman Bros keyboarist Johnny Neel and Chris Anderson of The Outlaws.

8 Mainstream South  Fruit Lady 
Some major jazzy riffs from former Rossington Collins Band members Barry Lee Harwood and Derek Hess along with keyboardist Steve Perez. From their album “Speechless.”  Speechless on cdBaby

9 Karen Blackmon   Social Zone
We first encountered Karen when she was lead singer for MCA recording artists APB (The Artimus Pyle Band) during the early 80’s.  Nowadays she is fronting a whole new band and sounding better than ever. karenblackmoncaldwell

10 The Handful   Walk Into The Light 
Storytelling is such a large part of a quality rock'n'roll band. Sometimes, if the musicians and vocalists are good enough, that's enough to create a good CD. Storylines are this band's bread and butter. “Wooden Indian” may be their finest album yet. www.thehandful.com

11 Dallas Moore  Damn Sure Works for Me   
Dallas Moore is the new face of Outlaw Country music. He’s been entertaining audiences from Florida to Ohio for years and now steps out with Can’t Tame a Wildcat, his best album yet.

12 Hackens Boys   Southern Rock Can’t Die
The Hackens Boys self-titled debut album is a mixture of southern rock and country that brings together all the different influences of each member of the band.The closing track of the album, Southern Rock Can’t Die stands as The Hackens Boys anthem of why they do what they do, and it is their way of paying tribute to all the great southern rock bands that inspired them.  


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