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GRITZFEST II Photo Retrospective Page 2

Greg Holt and Guy Gilchrist with Miss Bonnie.


GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN - Karen Blackmon and a couple of Dick Cooper's pals.(Dick Cooper Photo)


Talton and Hall have fun with it.


Jimmy and Bonnie


Jimmy on the sax.


Donna Hall rocks. (Dick Cooper Photo)


Peter Cross who flew in from England for the show poses with Buff.


Tommy Talton rehearses with Donna and Karen.


Bonnie, Terry Reeves and Donna.


Sonny and Guy. (Dick Cooper Photo)


Jimmy Hall "Keep On Smilin!" (Dick Cooper Photo)


WORN OUT BUT STILL SMILIN- Event organizers Sonny Edwards and Buffalo.


Tommy Talton and Jack Hall.


"Long Haired Country Boy" Jam (Dick Cooper Photo)


Shawna P. (Dick Cooper Photo)


Be Sure to Read the Show Review in GRITZ!



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