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Seminole County

by Michael Buffalo Smith
November 2006


Among the hundreds of submissons we received during our first months of partnership with Sonicbids, we received an EPK from a Florida band called Seminole County, complete with pro-shot music videos, an awesome image and great music. Basically a duo (Bo and Jj), Seminole County are on the verge of big time success. We decided to pop a little "Ten Questions" style e-interview into their in-box.


Are you guys originally from Florida?
Yes, Byron J (aka: Bo) is from Milton, Florida and Jj was born in Los Angeles County was raised in Seminole County .

Who were your major musical influences early on and now?
Evanescence, Linkin Park and Eminem for Jj and for Bo a long history of R&B, classic rock and also todays melting pot .

How and when did the band come together?

We came together in 2002 when Jj jumped in on a gig that another rapper did not show for. A great crowd response started the movement. After that a single was remixed with members of Rod Stewart's band, The Who and The Stones to compose a hit single with all the revenue going to Mandella charity, thus as you can see more footprints on www.rapwithj.com

Are you two a couple?

NO! Bo is like older brother to 19-year old Jj. We are just good combination for music.

How do you describe your music?

Unique and quite different from anything out there. Non formulated like the label acts that are being pushed on us.

It is very fresh sounding, with a sound similar to Evanescence at times. Was that intentional?

The old Evanescence not the new. LOL.

You guys both have fabulous voices, and his sometimes sounds like it could just as easily slide into mainstream country music. Has he ever done country?

Bo: Yes I have done a little of everything actually but have never straight lined into country -YET...

JJ: Not me, I was born into a country music family but just have no real concept of it right now. It is very sad, usually.

What have been some of the high points thus far for you?

Working with John Legend, the UK Legends and being appreciated after the big boys tell us we are not marketable, all the while having the best fans ever who bring us up everyday and give us the inspiration to make new music. Being played in North Carlina on WOLFBYTES radio for 6 months consecutively when everyone said the south would never be our market

Are you touring now?

We leave for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium October 24th for two months and then after first of year we tour in South Africa and Japan. Very exciting..

What are the immediate and future plans and goals of Seminole County?

We plan to to put out a new CD after the first of the year. We hope to promote it individually and incorporate more college and grass roots areas. The music and movie industries are starved, and hopefully with internet the new generation will have an avenue to pursue fans and be appreciated.


Visit http://www.seminolecountyonline.com/

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