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SPF 2007 Team Previews

As promised, we have our 2007 Team Previews!

Since fans can go to numerous places to read about rosters, statistics, etc, we at Southern Pro Football want to focus our 2007 previews on the teams and their connection to their area of the South.

We will examine four categories:

Background: Covering the past and recent history of the team.

Team Identity: SPF consider this to be a critical issue with any pro sports team in the South.  Does its city, state, or region identify with the team?

2007 Storyline: Chronicling what lies ahead for each team's 2007 season, and how this upcoming season may effect that team's identity.

Expectation Meter:  A team's success will always be measured not in wins and losses but in number of wins achieved versus number of wins expected.  A doormat that turns around to win 6 games might be a great story for their fans, while a 10 win team that drops back to 8-8 with a tougher schedule and considerable injuries may still be viewed as a failure by its fans regardless of circumstances.

The NFL season is upon us. Thursday's season opener featured the New Orleans Saints losing to the Indianapolis Colts. Tomorrow, the full slate of games begin.

Here are the teams in our footprint.  Just click the link to read the preview!

Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers 
Cincinnati Bengals 
Dallas Cowboys 
Houston Texans 
Indianapolis Colts 
Jacksonville Jaguars 
Miami Dolphins 
New Orleans Saints 
St Louis Rams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Tennessee Titans 
Washington Redskins

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