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Athens Photographer Jason Thrasher Discusses Filming The Drive By Truckers Go-Go Boots Episodes

Posted: Jul 18, 2011

Jason Thrasher Discusses Go-Go Boots Episodes

Alabama native Jason Thrasher filmed episodes revolving around The Drive By Truckers' latest album Go-Go Boots. Thrasher now lives in Athens, Georgia. His photography speaks for itself. He's photographed R.E.M., The Drive By Truckers, Pylon, Don Chambers, The Chickasaw Mud Puppies, Amber Valentine, Azure Ray, Brent Cash, Japancakes, Randall Bramblett, The Star Room Boys, William Tonks, Five Eight and others.

Thrasher now runs his photography business in Athens. Thrasher attended the University of Georgia, and revealed to me how he really got to know Patterson Hood was through their children. In our upcoming full-length interview, we will shine a light on Jason Thrasher's photography. Today we mostly discussed the Go-Go Boots episodes, and his professional timeline with the Truckers.

James Calemine: There are eight Go-Go Boots episodes you filmed. Talk a little about what led up to these film sessions...

Jason Thrasher: The first shoot I did with The Truckers was for The Dirt Underneath tour. That was when Spooner Oldham was sort of with them, and they were writing songs for Brighter Than Creation's Dark.  I'd taken band photos, but I always focused on my own visual art. Around 2005, I went to see Don Chambers play at The Georgia Theatre, and Kimberly Morgan (wife of Drive By Truckers drummer Brad) was the opening act.

I did some work for her record, and that worked out. Brad and Patterson (Hood) were blown away by the photos. Then Patterson came by, and I just shot him. About six months later, the Truckers called up and said we need some photos for the upcoming tour with the new band. That was the first time I really got to work with the Truckers. Brighter Than Creation's Dark was a concept. We had a booklet idea. We shot in Birmingham, Alabama, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Then I photographed shows and shot video footage. I worked with Patterson on his solo album, Murdering Oscar, and I shot videos five videos at David Barbe's studio. When it came time to do Go-Go Boots Patterson called me up. We sat down in their new office here in Athens and he basically had a screenplay with chapters, titles, sub-titles, each song and a theme for each episode. He handed it to me, and said, 'I trust you to do the rest'.

In the upcoming interview, we'll go into more depth with Mr. Thrasher on his career, The Truckers and other projects he's working on. On that note, here's a link to Thrasher's latest video shoot for a Gainesville, Florida, band called Against Me. Also, here's his blog...

James Calemine


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