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Barbeque is Not a Verb: A Musical Tribute To Southern BBQ

Posted: Aug 10, 2008

There's nothing us Southerners like more than barbeque. Football comes close, as does Southern Rock, NASCAR, professional wrestling and cold beer, but when all is said and done, the pork will always rise to the top. Well, some guys from North Carolina have prepared a musical tribute to Southern BBQ and posted it on YouTube. I really got a kick out of it and thought I'd share it with you guys. Thanks to Dewayne Fields for turning me on to the clip.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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tennesseewaltz says...

I am all about the mustard base. Fresh cooked pulled pork with medium hot mustard sauce, cole slaw and toasted bread and a ice cold Coors Light. Mmmmmm...

griffin says...

That is right on about Florida 'cue. It is there you just gotta dig around.

rebyll says...

I thought you'd like that after the Billy Bob BBQ story!!!! Take care my Brother!!!!! reb

copperhead says...

OK That was cool, That was funny. I just walked in from a long day and that was a breath of fresh air, Great Job. Somethimes it is the little things that just plain make a difference, Damn Son.

PoBoy says...

Man, thanks for posting that, Buff! Made my day. 'Course, seein' how I'm only a couple-three hours from KC, that kinda defines my opinion of BBQ. I love the "BBQ is not a verb" bit! Hope you're doin' well.... Po Boy P.S. - Already got my tickets for Billy Bob and the Boxmasters in Salina, KS on Aug. 26th...can't wait!

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