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Bona Fide Gold

Posted: Nov 20, 2008

Mystery and Manners Update

Greetings...my interview with Jimmy Herring is finally up...what a talent he is...he's a vital element to Widespread Panic's sound. Also, I came across this story about Bob Dylan's handwritten note to Jerry Garcia that proves interesting since it was in the final months of Garcia's life.

On Monday Stanley Booth and I began our first in a series of upcoming interviews. In the first installment, Stanley talks about meeting Otis Redding, sitting in a studio with Steve Cropper and Redding as well as other first-hand Booth accounts of the Big O. The Stanley Booth interview series will be first class storytelling...bona fide gold. Other Booth interview topics will include Jerry Wexler, Gram Parsons and a long list of other artists Booth knew personally. Until tomorrow...be particular,

James Calemine

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