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Buffalo Radio Show Tonight: Doug Jones (Blind Willy), Rick Cash (Silver Travis), and Author A. Lawrence Haskins

Posted: Nov 28, 2010

Tonight at 7 pm/est, the Buffalo Radio Show welcomes A. Lawrence Haskins, a novelist whose book "The Whisper of Serpents" is an astounding crime drama. Lawrence is also the mastermind behind his own multi-media empire which includes online talk shows and much more.

Doug Jones of Nashville, TN is a super talented singer/songwriter. His band Blind Willy has just released a hot new blues album featuring former Allman Brother Johnny Neel on keyboards.

Silver Travis is a band from South Carolina who grew up in the shadow of The Marshall Tucker Band, gaining a lot of influence from the MTB as well as groups like Poco and The Allman Brothers Band.




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A large number of barricades that pile, and before and after the layers, even if the military broke through the first layer heijia will be behind the block. Can not charge. ugg boots clearance Outcome will be the other side surrounded them immediately Knight Jinong down, that time, would be finished. "Stop!" TengQingShan cried. "Ha ha ... ... to play horses? Haha, with these barricades pile, I see how you charge!" Big headed, laughing, "Brothers, kill me!" Suddenly, many rustlers dismounted, and rushed toward the front. ugg boots clearance Pile so that horses can not charge the barricades, but the man running, but little effect. "Castle Brothers, now how do?" Seeing stone that HONGKONG anxious. He was not willing! He drifted a few years abroad, the so-called what? He reconciled these goods are stolen. "Everyone, back, protect Zhu Jiuye." TengQingShan cold channel. "Yes!" Heijia Army sergeant answered, but they are puzzled to see the Castle Teng, TengQingShan to do? ugg boots clearance "Rumbled ~ ~ ~" At this moment, as if a lot of horse thieves, like the tide over the Bay, followed by the same over a large number of Bay Horse Thief. "Whew!" TengQingShan immediately jumped from the war, as if the whole person to the front of the ejection lever, in the fall to the ground after they rushed to the direction of Dabu Zhao rustlers. "Haha ... ... and I'm mighty force of a fight? He think he is strong a priori, brothers, give me to kill, kill him!" Big headed, laughing. The face of the flood of Horse Thief, TengQingShan one to meet her. ugg boots clearance "Kill!" Horse Thief are ferocious, waving a sword and kill the TengQingShan. TengQingShan lengli eyes, staring at the great masters who, finally moved the hands of guns. Ten years old, many wolf could not hurt TengQingShan a trace, and now, the horse thieves also tried to kill TengQingShan? Marksmanship - Hun Yuan stretch! "Poof!" "Poof!" "Poof!" ugg boots outlet I saw the front of the Horse Thief Teng Castle, one throw and flies away to give all bloodstained. Many of the Horse Thief, as if the tide waves. The TengQingShan cleaving warship like! Unstoppable! "Kill him, fast, and kill him!" Great masters was shocked, "chains, chains, trapped him!" "Boom!" TengQingShan rush ahead, as if the body length of the spearhead of the hedgehog, who by his hit, and give all who appear open to the holes cast fly, no one can stop the pace of Castle Peak Teng. uggs clearance "Quick, stop him, kill him!" Big headed at the moment if you are already back, while his side have already waved the master of several elite from the chains. "Death!" Suddenly heard Bao Qingshan Teng, as if the flat spring thunder heard, the speed suddenly surge in the whole person, even leaps. "Jump up?" uggs clearance Horse Thief elite that several eye-catching, hand chains to immediately throw. "Phew!" "Phew!" "Phew!" Three-handle knife, shot and killed four rustlers elite, which also runs through the two-edged knife. Horse Thief eyes in those few have a panic, but they are dead.

abc123 says...

"Big Brother, the man said, also ah, let's point more money, do not the dead." ugg boots clearance Some people look to the next big headed, big headed glanced at him, wrist: "The youngest, are installed in your head the stool ah! "big headed then broke:" I said, and all the gold and silver goods, and I let you survive! "at this time -" The great masters should be it gang. ugg boots clearance "riding on the Ferricyanide Teng Aoyama cold channel immediately, "you do not confuse this person! Let us leave the goods, gold and silver? We are afraid that yes, you will take advantage of that time when the goods received, to kill us off guard, right . "face a change that big headed, he did, thought so. ugg boots clearance Because ... ... dare to rob heijia military custody goods, gold and silver, we can not let people stay alive heijia Army, must all kill. Otherwise heijia army to retaliate to disaster. "You listen to me!" Riding Ferricyanide immediately, the cold sound of wrist Castle Peak Road, Teng, "All the goods I heijia military protection, no one's qualifications looting! ugg boots clearance Lard, blinded by your heart is, dare rob I heijia military protection of the goods! I belong to the first lead element were heijia third battalion military system! said today in this, and you dare to plunder the goods today, that ... ... you gang a half months, will be ashes! "that great masters of a stifled. TengQingShan sneered: "Do not think of silence, if I want to escape, you these people did not stop me! ugg boots outlet Accommodating, nice way, so I'll wait to leave, or else ... ... Well, I heijia pressure to force the military, you will overcome the gangs. "TengQingShan every sentence contains interior strength outbreak. The sound echoes in the sky, the presence of thousands of Horse Thief hear clearly. All Horse Thief are some flustered. Including large headed man, have some fear of heart. uggs clearance "Brothers, we are knife-edge Shangtian blood, afraid of? Head out, bowls big scar!" Big headed screaming, face grim, "his mother land, do we have five thousand brothers, if they let them this people left alive, we still ass face? die of suicide altogether forget! "" Yes, we thousand hero, afraid of ass ah! "one howling up. "His mother, the'm back, that are not egg Naozhong!!!" uggs clearance Cries howling, so that they are jealous of them rustlers, horse thieves originally knife Shangtian blood, most people say they Modan taboo. Moreover, they have five thousand people, afraid of? "Archers, shoot!" Big headed suddenly cried. ... ... TengQingShan they face became pale. HONGKONG Stone shouted: "protect the carriage!" Suddenly, surrounded by those who guard them, with most of the people holding the shield in the carriage around the giant square. uggs clearance Shield, to protect the horse completely. "Phew!" "Phew!" "Phew!" ... ... Horse Thief sides, each with dozens of archers lined up, some of the archers of farmland have been discharged into the well. Mad on both sides of archers shooting arrows, arrows raining like crazy over the attack, heijia Army sergeant who will close the helmet's face mask, one head down. Arrows shot at him, did nothing. uggs clearance The Castle on the hard Teng little carriage ride to the side, with the carriage behind the arrows will be blocked. Blocked the front of the arrows with guns.

abc123 says...

, In the final surface, stop chasing horse thieves. ugg boots clearance "Ten places, there are two thousand Horse Thief?" Duhon gasped, "the mountains ... ..." "is true or false, it is difficult to say." TengQingShan looking truck, carriage speed, secretly sigh. Truck is hard to run, so that the speed or full TengQingShan helpless, if there is only heijia military who have long left the howling wind. May have trucks to trouble. "Haha, you do not believe? Really the sight of coffins were moved to tears, well, I will now chase you slowly. Let your eyes see is true!" Thundered the voice echoing in the heavens and the earth, able to voice such far, no doubt, simple and honest man is absolutely a master of interior strength. TengQingShan looked back - indeed, the rustlers are actually running slowly. ugg boots clearance Poor speed by truck, horse thieves who can quickly catch up to chase. "It seems really an ambush." Teng from Castle Peak frowned. "This is the next trouble." Duhon also worried. ... ... "Well. Kill you. Kill brother as little as possible." Riding that great masters of war immediately. Slowly chasing behind. Led his side to three thousand brothers. Is there only a thousand horses in Horse Thief. Now after running slow. So. Carpool a horse two horse thieves. ugg boots clearance This caused two thousand horse thieves can keep up. There are a thousand Horse Thief in the back running. "And both sides of the closure. They are impassable!" Big headed even more proud smile. Crazy ... ... the team for their lives. But after a while children. All face has changed. ~ ~ ~ It rumbled intense ground shaking sound coming from the front. "Really an ambush, but also a lot of people!" HONGKONG stone distant look at the distance, the distance the shadow is moving fast towards dense that close, so far away, can detect the direction of the ground vibration. ugg boots clearance Horse Thief can imagine how this staggering number. HONGKONG stone look ahead, but also look back at the past. Back, who is leading a large army headed leisurely followed. "This County Horse Thief Xu, even dare to really move the goods have heijia military protection." HONGKONG Anhen endless stone, and he the goods for him, very important. He thought for a long time or you heijia Army troops. ugg boots outlet Stone appears in HONGKONG Horse Thief ... ... weak groups, there is to be slaughtered heijia Army. Horse Thief and powerful gangs, the military should know Heijia! Understand that once the goods moving heijia military protection, it will face military retaliation heijia! HONGKONG stone that the strong should have scruples Horse Thief groups, not hands. But ... ... HONGKONG stone forgotten! Horse Thief to do is to head on other things in the belt, one and all to take risks. Perhaps the powerful Horse Thief gang, some gang scruples heijia military, not his fists. uggs clearance But the whole county ... ... Xu Yangzhou thirteen counties one of the most chaotic of the two counties, Horse Thief forces most rampant. Crazy Horse Thief groups, A, is normal. ... ... "Kill all clean. Guiyuan were how to know who killed them?" Big headed sneer look at this scene in the distance, the team stopped. Because the two ends of Official Road have Horse Thief. VIP section of the directory YY third chapter forty millions of soldiers and books about Update Time :2009-9-21 0:50:07 chapter word count: 5089 Do not listen to those horse thieves brag, we quickly get rid of them! "That HONGKONG) + [Road. Suddenly the groom were severely smoking horses, urging accelerated. Lorries severe bumps up, but fortunately those boxes have long been firmly fixed on the truck with a rope, either truck or wagon, at the moment were rapidly washed up. uggs clearance This is the time to escape, no one hesitated. And heijia Army sergeant who is the rear edge of The Official Road, it was farmland, the fields are muddy, people get a foot to be stuck to. No matter a horse, or truck, once inside will be difficult to move forward. rustlers have thousands of people coming in, it will be nowhere to escape. ... ... "haha ... ... I say the rules are very! As long as you will all the goods, there are gold and silver are to stay! I let you survive. "That big-headed voice echoed in the sky." uggs clearance The hero, which goods to you and you not take. "HONGKONG stone broke into smiles," so, I offer hundreds of thousands of taels of silver! With the goods you put our hero to leave ... ... so, we are not amicable. After all, once the fight up, it is not worth much dead. One of you is immortal hero, you have hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, not better? uggs clearance "Horse Thief side.

abc123 says...

Horses, knights of the heavy armor has played on the blood, meat, etc., a Xuexing Qi. ugg boots clearance Kill a hundred, no one was injured! This is heijia army! Guiyuan were the most terrible army! "Ah, washing armor, wait a minute off." Teng told Castle Peak Road. "Yes!" Heijia Army sergeant who began to flush out heavy armor. "Horse Thief even those who provoke us, as really do not know how to spell death. I killed eleven Horse Thief, the body just rolling up and not enjoy it, they will escape." "You Do not proud, I I only kill six, you, that is to take advantage of ah. "a buzz, we all care just a fight. ugg boots clearance The team's other guard were all secretly jingchan, heijia powerful military force, they scared. "Aoyama brothers." Stone with a smile that HONGKONG came, "I see, that Horse Thief is estimated that you are an ordinary heavy cavalry, did not recognize that you are heijia army ah. Ha ha ... ... If you recognize them, to such a point person how to do it over the robbery. "" ah. "Teng Castle nodded," Xu county from the county more than a thousand years we Jiangning, these never seen the world of horse thieves, who do not know what I was heijia military, not surprising. ugg boots clearance Yes, Zhu Xiong, it was getting dark, let's hurry earlier, in front of the county's Fan Xu Wu is the city, today, we also live in the city inn a good point. "" Ha ha, these days, living in the wild, are rare one bath. This great summer, sweaty ah. Today was a good bath. "That HONGKONG Stone laughed. Generally between one city and one city, two or three hundred miles away, and some farther. Caixing been to this day, Barry team, of course, many times living in the wild. ... ... ugg boots clearance This Official Road course, the street will also appear occasionally one or two of the inn. However wilderness inn, poor ... ... the comfort of living in the city one night, eating breakfast, the team move on! ... ... "Master, according to a map written in front of five miles, the rock slope of blood! Blood rock slope and the downhill slope, a difference of nearly twenty feet, such a large hill. If you hiding under the large slope Horse Thief, is we do not see it! ugg boots outlet here, but rustlers often ambush. we have to be careful. "Mr. Wu cautioned. Next to a security guard smiled and said: "Mr. Wu, you do not worry, this place we all know rustlers ambushed often have prepared. Even if we play Horse Thief idea, it will not choose the place." "Actually true, false is false. "HONGKONG Stone glanced at a body side guard," this blood shipo, since often rustlers ambushed, indicating the place for an ambush! for ambush, they would certainly choose Horse Thief! "HONGKONG Teng stone look to the next Castle, called : "Castle brother, and five miles, the rock slope of blood, and can be careful." "Zhuxiong rest assured that we in the former, there are horse thieves, we will be Shatui!" uggs clearance Teng said Castle laugh. ... ... Blood shipo, the moment the robber gathered the mighty Horse Thief, is special, the only part of the Horse Thief riding. "And others to, as I commanded to do, understand?" Look that great masters of the few people around. "Rest assured, Big Brother, let so many people, and older brother, the plan that is perfect your, ah, ha ha ... ... They never expect to escape a!" Around a few other great masters have laughed. uggs clearance "Here we have three thousand brothers, the employer can simply bury them." "Employers buried? Brother's life, not to live?" Big headed wrist Road, "Remember, to learn to mind!" The Great Alone, found his plan definitely not a problem. "Let all the brothers were quiet, be quiet." Big headed told Road. ... ... Teng Castle on horseback, leading the way, is the blood of a mile in front of a rock slope. "Ah?" Teng Castle ears Dodo.uggs clearance Qingshan Teng, whether the body muscles, organs, sixth consciousness sensitivity, etc., have reached a pinnacle of the human body. But the blood that gathered under shipo three thousand, three thousand obedient Horse Thief Even if not silent, still send a lot of noise. "Some people, and, a lot!" Teng Castle Recognition Word ears. "Stop!" Teng Aoyama hand, the team stopped. "Aoyama brothers, how is it?" That HONGKONG stone came a mile, and that three thousand people do not say anything, how ordinary people could hear the sound? "Zhu Xiong, and that blood is indeed in possession of rock slope under the Horse Thief, and the possession of the Horse Thief lot. I can not determine the number. ... ... For safety reasons, however, let's pass it." Teng said Aoyama. "Bypass?" HONGKONG stone frowned. To pass, it can be much more full more than three miles away, which is equal to more than approached the three days. "Horse Thief too much, then we fight the enemy, will not protect you." Teng said Aoyama. This time can not send people to explore, because ... ... a mile away, turned around and now has his own take. No other person may be found. Can go to exploration, the other will certainly find their traces. HONGKONG stone look back at the car, nodded: "Well, let to pass!" Suddenly the order with HONGKONG stone, the whole team of other people are obedient, have also turned around to make a detour. Horse Thief, however ... ... that support groups can be as early as they stare at Teng Castle, half way there were many people who watch, as they fled to halfway. "Phew!" uggs clearance A whistling arrow into the sky. "Haha, you, or leave it!" Sound of laughter coming from a distance, as if ponley-like ring in mid-air, and saw that the rock slope under the mighty blood of a large number of troops, "you still do not be afraid , the other side of the miles, there have been waiting for you my brother, two thousand, and you do not way to escape! "(http:// mobile phones, computers simultaneously read. can also download e-books TXT, CHM, UMD, JAR e-books) Fiction Net phone Q: http:// Computer Access: http://

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Lean man to know, great masters of their own seemingly rude, can be attentive, was now thinking about how to deal with that caravan. ugg boots clearance Long time ... .... "That's seven or ten security solution is easy! My brothers arm, the disposal of five hundred archers, two bows and arrows, you can eliminate those security!" Big headed frown, "the most troublesome is the twenty military heijia three! both man and horse, and all of a focus on a cigarette. sword difficult injury, kill them, the loss of the absolute number of brothers. ugg boots clearance "" They re powerful to twenty-three, let plenty of nothing, ah. "that lean one-eyed man says. Form the most big headed at him: "I know! Kill them more than another way, can you remember, once the Army to destroy heijia, must all kill. Can not have a slip through the net, once the missing one, that we face, we know the identity check, etc. heijia military force to retaliate, to bad! "all kill, in the final element were a thousand miles away, hard to check who it is. Slip through the net may have to trouble ... ... "heijia military horses, it is a good horse! ugg boots clearance Your horse can see it?" Big headed inquired. Although the horses body weight a smoke, not all can continue to protect the living. Such as horse ears, Matui! Horse tail! These can be seen that horse can come. "It was not too much attention." This one-eyed man a little embarrassed, when I remembered what, Link Road, "Oh, yes, I remember, there are two horse chestnut is white! Right, and it easy to remember." "Is a green mane Taxue horse! "big headed nodded," that is riding horses heijia military centurion! appears that the at least two centurions. do not know, there are system-level officer! "" ugg boots clearance There are system so what, not to master the day after tomorrow? "one-eyed man Road. "You know what!" Big headed cried, "all system itself is nothing, but his horse is a horse Ferricyanide! To the speed of the outbreak of Ferricyanide horse, and that all systems run away from, how we blocked lives? Not to mention his and that is the two green bristle Taxue horse into a gallop. also my Herd, to catch up. a catch up with other people! "big headed touched his shaved head, told:" You get two Alone they come! "" ugg boots outlet great masters do? "one-eyed man's face lit up. "Of course to do! So much security, but also please heijia Army, and this cargo, at least be several hundred thousand ounces of silver." Great masters of the cold quiet eyes, "is that Ferricyanide horse, I could not let him leave alive ! "... ... the sky dark. Official Road on a Masi Sheng, screams. Army heijia two ten team, riding horses, the wind turned into two crazy gang Horse Thief in the robbers rush ahead, and that magic moving cold gunpoint, punctured one robber fragile body. uggs clearance Once these horses gallop heijia Army, NCOs are in force immediately leveraging only a thorn piercing the body can easily Horse Thief. Teng Castle, Duhon, Teng three young tigers riding horses, in the Official Road Central. Horse Thief who are rushing, three random gun, then stabbing the Horse Thief robber. "It's hundreds of Horse Thief, but also dare to rob from us, really killed!" Duhon sneered. "Estimate would be no way to enjoy killing." Teng Aoyama short laugh, as all systems, Teng Castle is very clear the terrible heijia Army Sgt. Heijia Army cavalry each, can be said to be moving fortress, whether soldiers or horses, wear a focus. uggs clearance Second, the value of common sergeant of the horse are thousands of taels of silver in the Ukraine pattern horse. Groups in the Horse Thief, in general, groups leader is to ride this and other horses. Horse power of the already large army sergeant heijia every effort to have more than jin, many people still practice "Mang Niu great formula." Ten people with a team, supporting each other, ten people rush ahead, can be said that meat grinder. uggs clearance Ten people rush ahead two teams several times, Horse Thief hundreds of people have died, the other horse thieves who flee in panic! "Adults are systems, and other horse thieves have escaped!" uggs clearance Two ten team back.

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HONGKONG stone look around, haha laughed: "living away for so long, or let the land in Kyushu, the most is rich and ah." ugg boots clearance ... .... Teng Castle Peak must admit! His previous forecast was too good, the team forward speed, even slower than he had imagined! Although there is a horse who pulled the truck may be the way it Official Road are dirt roads. Pits, stones, clods or something, too. This truck forward speed, naturally slow. Estimated that people trot, you can catch up with the truck speed. One day, probably will move around hundred and twenty years. All the way hard, Teng Castle had their two consecutive county boundary, in the hurry of the eleventh day, they finally entered Xu Teng Castle County boundary. ... ... Brawl! ugg boots clearance Fortunately, before the weather can be a sudden, suddenly the wind, dark clouds, thunder, foes in the rain is! Pouring down like rain, so hurry the team miserable. "A big rain, ah, to have a shelter around the place enough." HONGKONG stone smile. About the rain, mud up this dirt road to become the team slow forward speed of course. And by this storm hit in the body, not comfortable. "Clang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" ugg boots clearance ... ... Those who wear heavy armor heijia Army sergeant, raindrops hit them, for the issue of vibration crash. "Castle." Teng Green Tiger 丨 riding in the next, "Haha, so you wear heavy armor, you do not wear, look, it was wet it." Teng Qing Hu et al body sets focus on A, on the face and hands are exposed in outside. Inside there is a neck and neck protection, just to completely stop the rain, can not wet them. Qingshan Teng smiled. Heijia soldiers and twenty horses, including three of the Castle Peak Teng, other people are all dressed in accordance with the command set of heavy armor, only Teng Castle, just wearing the armor, leggings, armband, the other did not wear. ugg boots clearance Qingshan Teng terms of ... ... This is just on the cold iron heavy armor defense, and their bodies are not afraid! And if wearing a full set of heavy armor, it will affect the flexibility and other aspects. "Zhu Xiong, nothing could be around the shelter, and we Ren Ren it, this summer, rain come and go too fast! But ... ... you let your man the point guard. Now we enter the territory of Xu county. Xu County, a county, but very messy. Horse Thief very much. I heijia military prowess, fear is not deter Xu Yang County Horse Thief are crazy! "" ah. ugg boots outlet "HONGKONG Stone also solemnly nodded. Heijia Army can sideways in Jiangning County line. In other counties, the military came to look at how many people you heijia. If few people off with people you can not care. As long as the hands and feet clean point, leaving the handle to become. ... ... Guess they are good Teng Castle, in their team just entered the territory of the county did not take long Xu, Xu Yang, their message was not a small county gang forces the Horse Thief learned. uggs clearance "Get out, gave me the way!" Mouth with Hema, a lean one-eyed man was running toward a house not far from the house. "Si Ye!" In front of that two man Zhaizi greeted immediately with a smile. "Big headed, big headed!" This is a lean one-eyed man pushed open the door, they yell out, "a fat sheep, ah, big fat sheep!" "Yelling!" A loud shout. Red 丨 naked upper body of a bald man out of the main room, his chest has two hideous scars, at the moment, he refused to look lean to the one-eyed man: "Little Four, you have Sheep? uggs clearance General thing, so men are brothers do. "" big headed! The sale may be absolute is big ah! have to be big headed you are closed! "shining eyes that lean one-eyed man," that caravans were also invited black Guiyuan A military man to protect the goods too! "" Oh? "bald Han eyes light up," heijia Army? How many people? "(http:// mobile phones, computers simultaneously read. can also download e-books TXT, CHM, UMD, JAR e) novel network phone Q: http:// Computer Access: http:// VIP section of the directory first Sishi Zhang YY blood shipo book club update :2009-9-20 23:16:42 number of words in this chapter: 4713, "Our people see clearly, a total of twenty-three heijia Army sergeant ! uggs clearance Link Road one-eyed man. This great masters stroked his head, his eyes squint up, his face gradually emerged smiling: "For twenty-three? Hum ... ... our brothers and one a spit will be able to drown them! However, to call up heijia Army, it seems really big business. Yes, that details of the caravan, said to listen to. "Lean thief eyed man laughed:" Great masters, this caravan of people in addition to heijia military protection, they asked the other guard. About seven or eight ten. As for the goods ... ... there is a full ten cars. Full, have several boxes per vehicle. At the same time there are two carriages, which should be a rich merchant and women Xipinenrou it. uggs clearance "Great masters of silent again.

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