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Buffalo's Top Ten List For The Week of September 29th, 2009

Posted: Sep 29, 2009

1. Kris Kristofferson  Closer to the Bone  (CD)
    I wear this one like a warm winter coat. To me, it is what music is all about - great songs, no frills, all from a true Southern poet. The album drops today!

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd  God & Guns  (CD)
    They are getting mixed reviews, but there is no denying the power of “Still Unbroken” and the beauty of their Billy Powell tribute “Gifted Hands.” The album drops today!
3. Merle Haggard Story in Rolling Stone  (Article)
    The current issue of Rolling Stone, the one with sexy Megan Fox on the cover, has a simply brilliant, and lengthy, article/interview with one of my true heroes, The piece is journalism at its finest.

4. Sorrogates  (Movie)
    One of the most brilliant sci fi films of late, it shows just how lazy we are really capable of becoming. Review coming soon.

5. Swampdawamp  Rock This Country  (CD)
    Infectious. I play it every day.

6. House  (TV)
    Dr House returned last night, and in one episode decided he could not retire from his job, no matter what. The wise cracking doc with zero bedside manner just gets better.

7. Marshall Tucker Band   Essentials 3.0
    A great 4- disc set from the golden days of MTB, including a live disc from ‘73.

8. Flash Forward  (TV)
    The premier last Thursday on ABC hooked me. Nut then again, these are the creators who gave us LOST.

9. Paranormal Activity  (Film Trailer)

    Destined to become the next Blair Witch Project, this film was shot on an $11000 (not million) budget and looks great.

10. The Toler/Townsend Band  (CD)
      Coming this fall from Garage Door Records, this is one smoking CD from former Allman Brother Danny Toler and Sanford/Yownsend Band singer Johnny Townsend. Amazing music.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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katiedid says...

Glad to see you are a House fan too! I knew I liked you!

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