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Free Bonus Tracks with The Drive By Truckers’ Go-Go Boots To Support Indie Record Stores

Posted: Feb 17, 2011

Free Bonus Tracks with The Drive By Truckers’ Go-Go Boots To Support Indie Record Stores

In light of the Drive By Truckers new release Go-Go Boots this week, it’s essential to mention a free EP-Sometimes Late At Night--comes with the purchase of this new album to support independent record stores. On the band’s official website they reveal:

“In our continuing effort to support independent record stores we are happy to announce a FREE bonus EP that will be available for a limited time at Indie Record stores in the USA and at Rough Trade Records in the UK with a purchase of our new album Go-Go Boots. The EP will feature the studio version of the Vic Chesnutt song “When I Ran Off And Left Her” as well as live versions of songs off Go-Go Boots and The Big To Do and a few special surprises.”

In the liner notes of Go-Go Boots,Patterson Hood writes a timeless essay about the late great Eddie Hinton, which offers fans another opportunity to seek out Hinton’s music. The Truckers even cover two of Hinton’s songs on the new release. Here's a link to the Truckers performance of Hinton's "Everybody Needs Love" on Jimmy Fallon Tuesday. The Truckers always carry the flag for musical roots indigenous to southern soil…

James Calemine


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krantz99 says...

I still always shop at an independent store and got this with my copy of Go Go Boots. It is an excellent bonus!

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