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GRITZ Movie Review: X-Files Film Will Thrill Fans

Posted: Jul 25, 2008

The great thing about the new X-Files movie is the human element. Rather than concentrating on aliens and the TV series’ past mythology, Chris Carter hands us a story of humanity - the good, the bad and the bizarre.

Let me begin by saying that, while the film will thrill all of us died-in-the-wool X-Files fans, even the casual movie goer who has never seen a single episode of the hit TV show nor the first X-Files movie (Fight The Future, 1998) can still enjoy this “stand alone” story. So long as you don’t mind getting scared silly.

Perhaps the best part of the whole experience is seeing Mulder and Scully (David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson) together again. It’s a relationship the fans have come to know very well, and they will no doubt again sit watching in wide eyed wonder as the movie flickers across the silver screen. I will say this for the “shippers” (fans who are obsessed with the romantic relationship between the two characters), be sure to stay through the end credits of the movie. ‘Nuf said.

Amanda Peet joins the cast as FBI Agent Dakota Whitney, and (spoiler alert!) Mitch Pellegi pulls a cameo as our favorite FBI guy, Skinner. I was impressed by the acting skills of rapper Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner as Agent Drummy as well. A great supporting cast.

It’s a horror flick to be sure, involving a Russian Dr. Frankenstein who is using the body parts of slain victims in the Virginia snow to build a new body for the head of his lover. Yes, I know, but somehow it all works.

Billy Connolly is Father Joe, a psychic (and former serial pedophile) who helps greatly with finding the butchers, and provides Agent Scully with the three words that seem to be the underlying theme of the movie -”don’t give up.”

My question is,  “is this movie really even all about the spookiness?” I say no, it is about life and hope and choices. Scully’s choice to continue operating on her young patient with continued faith and hope. The hope that Scully and Mulder can carve out a personal relationship amidst the darkness that plagues them both. The hope of Father Joe that God will see fit to forgive him of his sins of the flesh. The hope and belief that the mad Russians will be caught and stopped before they butcher another young swimmer. Human hope. Human faith. Human adventure.

This film plays like an old fashioned thriller. It’s spooky on a human level. There are no huge explosions and no bees. No aliens. There are guns, but not a single person gets shot. There is no relying on special effects. I like that. A good, old fashioned, horror adventure. Just what we fans had hoped for. Now, please Chris, don’t make us wait ten more years for the next movie.


-Michael Buffalo Smith

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