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GRITZ Radio Hour Premieres Online

Posted: Jul 06, 2008

Hey guys. As an experiment of sorts, we are presenting a pilot episode of The GRITZ Radio Hour, a two hour program of music hosted by yours truly, and airing over the Mighty Field of Vision internet radio station, now in it's fifth year of operation.

The GRITZ Radio Hour this week features new music from Bonnie Bramlett, Tommy Talton, The Boxmasters and more, along with classic tracks from the Southern Rock and country archives.

This week's schedule includes airings at 1 AM tonight (actually Monday, July 7th) EST; and again Monday at 5 PM EST and Tuesday at 11 AM EST. We hope you'll log on and tune in. Listen while you check your e-mail or balance your books. Log on here.

Let us know what you think, and if you like it, we will air a new show each weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for listening, and remember, you can always tune in and hear good Southern music 24/7 on MFOV Radio.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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michaelbuffalo says...

Hey Tupelo... It appears that DSL folks (like me) got hit with "rush hour" internet traffic today.... Everyone was having a hard time hearing the show. They are going to air it again at 8 PM or so.... Cable folks had no problem, and I have never experienced any issues with DSL, but the 5 PM slot on the Monday after the Holiday must have a lot to do with it... We'll keep trying til we get it right...Thanks!

tupelohoney says...

I am trying to listen this afternoon, but it is skipping like a record.

PenneElk says...

TOO COOL!!! Can't wait to listen this afternoon at 4 PM, my time. You are always on the cutting edge.:-) Penne

Ironman says...

One in the morning? What is this, porn? Seriously, I will be listening tomorrow afternoon.

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