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New Orleans, The New York Times, and FIne Dining

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

New Orleans is much in the news these days. Following the burst of energy represented by Mardi Gras in late February or early March (Mardi Gras is a moveable feast), April represents the blossoming of New Orleans after the short sleep of winter. It may be locust winter here in north Alabama, but you can bet there is a hot time in the old town of New Orleans. This weekend is the final weekend of the widely acclaimed and world renowned JazzFest, and Sunday evening episode four of the made for TV special Treme' will air on HBO.

Today New York Times culture editor and food critic Sam Sifton published the following article: "In New Orleans:  The Taste of a Comeback."  As I wrote in my first installment of New Orleans Journal "Ain't No City Like New Orleans," New Orleans is not simply coming back, it is back!  Sifton not only talks about food but music as well. Readers might be interested to know that the musician Kermit Ruffins whom Sifton mentions in his article plays himself in the HBO series Treme' (Photo of Jackson Sq.)

Note that both Sifton and I consider the seductive call of New Orleans to be like that of a siren, luring us to that exotic city  to play and to stay. He also mentions his dinner at Galatoire's (see my second installment: Dr. Lutxz, Galatoire's and Urban Gardens.)

If you have not yet scheduled a trip to New Orleans, let me encourage you to do so now. Plan to travel in the spring or fall as these are primo seasons in this city on the river. However, I have been in New Orleans in December when the fountains froze, and the sub-freezing temperatures did nothing to cool the city's ardor.

I have two more installments of my New Orleans Journal coming up on Swampland: a continuation of the urban gardens, more delicious food, and a brief discussion of David Lummis' novel The Coffee Shop Chronocles of New Orleans. My final episode, entitled  "The Way Down and The Way Back,"  will feature a couple of out of the way places in Mississippi as well as Wintzell's Oyster House in Alabama.

Before I conclude, let me say that I am deeply grieved by the recent catastrophe that took place off the coast of Louisiana. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones in the explosion, and I also grieve over the devastation that will result from the oil spill.

 ---Penne J. Laubenthal

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