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Night Before The Bloodkin Show with Daniel Hutchens

Posted: Jan 02, 2009

Night Before The Bloodkin Show with Daniel Hutchens

Tomorrow night Bloodkin will perform at the 40 Watt Club. Their latest CD, Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again hits the streets on February 3. Patterson Hood wrote the liner notes, and Bloodkin will support The Truckers on five shows during January and February.

In preparation for my large feature article—as well as definitive interviews—on Bloodkin I wanted to get in the zone the night before the show. As we sat in Danny’s study, he showed me his two new guitars—a Gretsch and a Gibson—I played him some of The Gonzo Tapes and an Ike & Tina song I love before asking him to talk a little about the new CD.

JC: When was this new record recorded?

DH: It was recorded in 07 into 08. I think the spring or summer of 08 is when we finished as far as recording. We actually started the earliest tracks in 2007 at David Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens. I think it’s the eighth record we’ve done there including my solo CDs. It’s hard to picture doing one without him. For us, it’s such a perfect fit working with him.

JC: So, Bloodkin will open for the Drive By Truckers on some shows…

DH: Yeah, Mike Cooley played some banjo on one of the songs. We have several shows opening for the Truckers in January and February right around when the record comes out. Hopefully, we’ll do some other stuff with them on down the road.

JC: What was different about the recording process on this one?

DH: It all ties together. The reason we made the record at all was because the band had just kind of come back together and started sounding really good. The last Bloodkin record Last Night Out (2005) was, in my mind, intended to be the last Bloodkin record. At that time, there really wasn’t a band. Eric and I hired a rhythm section. The circumstances came to pass that this group of people (Aaron Phillips on drums, David Nickel on bass, William Tonks on guitar/dobro, Eric Martinez on guitar and of course Danny and Eric Carter) came together and the band got back together and started playing shows for fun.

It started sounding so good to everyone that we decided we gotta record this. Most of it—except “Wait Forever”, written 10 or 15 years ago—is pretty new…songs written in the last year or two. It’s all stuff that was driven by the band. It was not like I had a list of songs to do and I was going to find a way to make these particular songs happen. It was we had new songs and these were the one’s the band sounded great on. The whole idea of this record is it’s pretty much recorded live with all of us sitting in the same room with minimal overdubs. The thrust of the record was the band sitting in a room playing the song at the same time. We haven’t done that for a long time. That was David Barbe’s call; he thought that would really work for us. He was totally right. I think it shows. The band had a really good chemistry at that time. It was a matter of capturing that, and I think we did…”

Stay tuned for tomorrow's show...

James Calemine

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