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Southern Rock's Most Defining Moments

Posted: Jul 08, 2008

You've all heard of "going the extra mile" for your art, right? Well, fellow babies, The Buffalo has been doing that for a few days now, assembling a list of The 100 Defining Moments in Southern Rock History, complete with boat loads of links to related features throughout Swampland.

The list will be rolled out in five parts over the next several days, and includes everything from Jaimoe playing on Marshall Tucker's first album to The Volunteer Jams, from the tragedies, like the death of Duane Allman and the Skynyrd plane crash, to great shows like Jammin' for Danny Joe Brown and last year's Jam 4 George. There's a little bit of everything. All the elements that helped to shape the genre known as Southern Rock.

I sure hope everyone enjoys what is by far our biggest Southern Rock List ever. Be sure to let us know what you think.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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rebyll says...

WOW Buff!!!! What an incredible undertaking!!!! I guess you know which one is my favorite so far...... #82. Chuck Leavell?s Piano on ?Jessica? (1973) The most memorable piano work in Southern rock may very well be Chuck Leavell?s performance with The Allman Brothers on Dickey Betts? ?Jessica? from Brothers and Sisters. I can?t get it out of my head. Can you? Jessica says "Hi Buffalo!!!!!!"

copperhead says...

SPOT ON BROTHER. I told you that you are the Gate keeper of Southern Rock. You keep the flame burning reminding us of the past and introducing us to the future. Do you relize how many great people have touched your life and you in turn touch ours with your stories. Don't forget the Allman Brothers two shows at the Atlanta Pop, and don't forget old outlaws like us . You are our voice and our connection . Rock on

OhioGuy says...

Jakson wqs one of a kind. Incredible drummer and so genuine. After an SRA gig he'd hang out for quite a while and share some great stories with that trademark humour of his. If you ever called him Mr. Spires he would correct you and say "My friends, call me Jakson". A great loss. Another great loss was Duane Roland. A true virtuoso and friendly guy. I remember my brother and I met him on a night in Columbus when he was sick with the flu. He played like a trooper and met with several fans and shared stories. The funny part was that it was about 90 degrees in the club and we were all sweating our heads off. My brother shook his hand and ended up the next day sicker than a dog. We still joke to this day that he caught the Molly Hatchet "flu".

palmettopirate says...

Great start Buffalo can't wait to see the rest! I will never forget the kindness Jackson showed my band and I when we opened for him and the Southern Rock Allstars several years ago. By the way on a different note where might I pick up a copy of your first book? I believe it was call Carolina Memories!

thunderfoot says...

The lists are great. I especially love this one. Thanks for including Jakson. I know you miss him like we do.

jimmyjams says...

Great work Buff. I guess the Skynyrd plane crash will be number one, huh? Thanks for all the hard work. This is like a dream come true to old rockers like me. You are the best writer since Dave Marsh. You should be a millionaire.

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