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Still More of The Defining Moments in Southern Rock History

Posted: Jul 23, 2008

Hi guys. My apologies for the two days of down time. We experienced a problem with our DSL internet service that virtually crippled the GRITZ offices for almost two days. We are happy to come back kicking with the next 20 entries in our 100 Defining Moments in Southern Rock History. I hope you'll check them out and let us know what you think.

Also, check out our latest CD reviews on a great album from Rob Roy Parnell, brother of Lee Roy, and singer songwriter Emory Joseph's tribute to the music of The Grateful Dead.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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rado watch says...

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tuckerhead says...

I agree Tiger. Hinton was as much a southern rocker as anyone. Did you know he was almost asked to join the Allman Brothers? He was a monster guitarist.

Tigers1 says...

Great to see Eddie Hinton on this list . Alway thought Eddie was the most under rate players of all time . Check out Letters From Mississippi, Very Extremely Dangerous 2 of Eddie greastest work not to take angthing from his other work it all is great. Jimmy Hall Did A great record of Eddie work Build Your Own Fire . Check out EDDIE HINTON you will be Glad you did!!!!

copperhead says...

I think Betts getting fire disturbed me the most. I'm not saying he didn't deserve it but think about The Allmans with Haynes, Trucks and Betts fronting the band. An incredable oppertunity missed. I can relate thats why my band broke up. We made music as a unit on stage but fought like Road Dogs off stage. Miss your music Betts. Maybe the wound will heal someday and they could make some more great music togather.

tupelohoney says...

Another great list Buffalo. This is very cool.

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