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The GRITZ Top Ten for Friday, November 20, 2009

Posted: Nov 20, 2009

Every Friday GRITZ brings you our “Top Ten,” a playlist of songs past and present that you just can’t live without. Check ‘em out and please leave a comment.

1. “Ramblin”   The Marshall Tucker Band
The version on Where We All Belong has always rocked my world, recorded live and rockin.’ But the version from Winterland 1973 that was just released for the first time on Essential is equally amazing. Toy Caldwell’s guitar, combined with brother Tommy’s bass and  oh my God” vocals from Doug Gray just blow me away. And how that brother hit that extra-long sustained note at the end I will never know. (See video below!)

2. “Country Badass” Cody McCarver
One fine Southern rock masterpiece from Confederate Railroad man Cody McCarver. From his hot new record.

“3. Take The High Road”   Silver Travis
The title track from their sophomore release, this song is like ARS meet Marshall Tucker. Rick Cash is one of my favorite singers in Southern rock.

4. “Starting a Rumor”  Delbert McClinton
Don Was produced the latest Delbert, and it is one of my all time favorite McClinton albums. And I have a lot of McClinton albums.

5.“Time Will Take Us”  Tommy Talton Band
The whole live from Athens record is great, but I always loved this song of Tommy’s from the Cowboy days, and the band plays it mighty well.

6. “Tuesday’s Gone”   Lynyrd Skynyrd
Always one of my favorite classic Skynyrd tunes, with special guest Robert Nix (ARS) on the kit.

7. “Farm Song”  Hank Williams, Jr
The wide open rocker that opens Hank’s latest album is filled with screaming guitars, fiddle and amazing pedal steel from the great Robert Randolph.

8. “Whiskey Makes Me Cry”   Amanda Martin
This girl is good. There’s a lot of honesty in her voice, something sorely missing from a lot of today’s country. And she is a Southern rocker at heart. You can see it when she plays live.

9. “Smells Like Rain”   Jackson Crossing
Just as Jax Crossing released their debut (produced by Paul Hornsby), front man Rick Willis was drafted to fill the spot vacated by Chris Hicks in The Marshall Tucker Band. That's really cool, but I hope Crossing continues as well. This Willis original is just a great song, as is their whole album.

10. “Juke Joint Jump”   Elvin Bishop
Recently re-issued in a double album set, this title track from Bishop’s 1975 Capricorn album combines blues and Southern funkiness like only Elvin can do it.

What do you think?

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

Original MTB, "Ramblin" from Saturday Night in Macon, Georgia. Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.

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Gilchrist Guy says...

Hey, Buff.........great calls here! And I'm sure on board with Amanda Martin! She's fantastic. Not going to be a secret very long. AM is going places.

michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks guys. I agree with you both. And Rebyll, they just reissued 2 of Elvin's old albums on one CD and it includes the Juke Joint Jump LP, one of my favs. His Capricorn records were so killer!

rebyll says...

Elvin Bishop's 1976-7 Live album "Raisin' Hell" is one of my all time favorite albums. But my "can't live without" would have to be "Travelin' Shoes"!!! That song and "T for Texas" epitomize Southern Rock to me.

copperhead says...

I love Jackson Crossing. gets better with each listening. I'll check out Amanda Martin. Hank Jr always rocks

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