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The Last One: Bootlegger Popcorn Sutton

Posted: Mar 06, 2012

Neal Hutcheson's Documentary: The Last One

Neal Hutcheson's documentary The Last One revolves around bootlegger Popcorn Sutton. It's an interesting story. Originally from North Carolina, Sutton made his famous White Whiskey in the Tennessee hills. In his day, he was an outlaw of the highest order...

In 1999, Sutton published his autobiography Me and My Likker that serves as a guide to moonshine production. The Last One was filmed in 2008. Sutton died on March 16, 2009. Some say he committed suicide to avoid a federal prison term that was to begin a few days later.

In 2010, Hank Williams Jr. announced a partnership with Sutton's widow to distribute Sutton's whiskey legally. They call it Popcorn Sutton's Tennessee White Whiskey. The family recipe is used as well a Popcorn's traditional techniques.
Seek out the story of a true pioneer...

James Calemine


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