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The Southern Foodways Alliance Needs Your Recipes!

Posted: Mar 25, 2008

Swampland has the utmost respect for the Southern Foodways Alliance so we thought we would share this recent request for recipes that they have sent out to folks around the Footprint.

Help them out if you can!


SFA Family:

Your alliance is writing a cookbook and we need your help.

For the past few months a crew of folks -Sara Roahen, April McGreger, Tim Davis, Sheri Castle, Angie Mosier, and Brooks Hamaker - has been compiling recipes and stories. Before too long, UGA Press will publish this opus.

Our mission is to assemble a true community cookbook, by the SFA community, for the SFA community, keeping in mind with the organization's democratic, home-cooking-focused ideals.

We aim to include recipes and stories from a wide variety of SFA members, oral history subjects, and friends, drawing from the organization's nearly decade-long history.

And now we need your help. We have some holes to fill.

If you will be so kind as to help, April 20 is your DEADLINE. Just email us: sfamail@olemiss.edu.

Please SEND ONLY recipes in which the following ingredients are primary or at least important:


Coon, Possum, Venison, Squirrel, Frog Legs, Coon, Turtle, Game Birds: pheasant, quail, dove, wild turkey, Wild Boar, and Duck


Crawfish, Simple Fried Catfish, West Indies Salad, Freshwater and Game Fish,
Rough Fish - Gar, Goo, that sort of thing, and Crab


Hoppin' John, Limpin' Susan, Savory Rice Croquettes, Simple Rice-and-Gravy, Stuffed Cabbage, Red Rice, and Dirty Rice


Pickled Okra, Poke Sallet, Blue Cheese Dressing, Mayhaws, Pawpaws, Black Walnuts, Wild Plums, Crab Apples, Carnitas, and File

Thanks much.

We pledge to publish a community cookbook that does you, the region, and the SFA proud.

A few ground rules:

Please DON'T SEND recipes from a book or of unknown or purloined lineage.

Please DO SEND recipes you've made a thousand times and love and proselytize about.

Please DO SEND recipes that evoke the region we know and love.

Please DO SEND a note about the recipe's origins, why you love it, where and when you have served it, why it matters.

Please DON'T SEND recipes from the following sources:

Hugh Acheson, Jean Anderson, Ben Barker, Scott Barton, Marcelle Bienvenu, Fritz Blank, Kathy Cary, Sheri Castle, Leah Chase, Craig Claiborne, Eula Mae Dore, Nathalie Dupree, John Egerton, John Fleer, Camille Glenn, Jessica Harris, Chris Hastings, Eddie Hernandez, Alex and Betsy Hitt, Blair Hobbs, Linton Hopkins, Sonya Jones, Elizabeth Karmel, Matt and Ted Lee, Austin Leslie, Ronni Lundy, April McGreger, Bill Neal, Louis Osteen, Scott Peacock, Jared Richardson. Glenn Roberts, Steven Satterfield, Bill Smith, Ken Smith, Greg and Mary Sonnier, John Stehling, Kathy Starr, Frank Stitt, Hoppin' John Taylor, and Ari Weinzweig

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