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Watch and Listen: Ten Great DVD's for Southern Rockers

Posted: Jun 11, 2008

Man oh man do I love movies. I guess movies are my second favorite entertainment besides music. Well, truth be told, books rank right up at the top of that list as well. But when you combine music and movies, look out, you have my attention.

For my new list, I wanted to recommend Ten DVD's for Southern Rock Fans, but not just concert films. I wanted to include documentaries, and any feature films that had a real Southern Rock kind of vibe going on. I hope you like the list. Please add your own recomendations in the comments area below.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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Ironman says...

Freebird is such a great film. I saw it in a THX theater when it came out. It was amazing and still is. Great list.

copperhead says...

Loved almost famous. When I started playing I was to young to even be in the bars. I think Almost Famous reflected that being young in the rock and roll world. Everything was a great adventure. I did't see the one with Shaver. Billy Joe is absolutly the real deal. Rush what a movie. Every town has this one hard ass dealer and Gregg nailed the part. I liked southern by the grace of god the tribute tour. The scean with Ronnies hat on the mike stand was goose bump time. Great list you rock

palmettopirate says...

Great list Buffalo. Almost famous is one of my all time favorite movie's. I'd be curious to ask Cameron Crowe which parts of the movie were based on who! The scene by the pool where Russell tells William that something's are good for only a few people to know sound's like something Ronnie Van Zant might say for sure. Got to give a shout out to another Cameron Crowe movie here, Elizabethtown. The final scene with the band playing Freebird is worth the price of admisssion alone. Also Rush is an awesome picture with some great period tunes as well as the Clapton classic "Tear's in Heaven" !

michaelbuffalo says...

Joeboy. Thanks for commenting... Yes, Crowe liked Ronnie a lot, very true. He has stated in numerous interviews that Stillwater was a mix of The Allman Brothers, The Eagles and Skynyrd, but the character of Russell was based solely on Dickey Betts. It all goes back to Cameron's first big assignment for Rolling Stone, when at 15, he covered The Allman Brothers Band tour and had quite a time of it. Cameron has had quite a career as a writer and director, AND he is married to NAncy Wilson. How cool is that?

joeboy says...

The Allman Bros. reference for Almost Famous is something I never heard. I know that Cameron Crowe was a very good friend of Ronnie Van Zant's. He loved Van Zant and said that Ronnie was the first person in the music business to treat him with respect because he was so young. He has said in interviews that the fictional Stillwater was actually a cross between Skynyrd and the Eagles.

countryrocker1967 says...

Thanks Buffalo for another great list. Not only had I no knowledge of the Rush film with Greg, I also didn't know Vol Jam was available on DVD! Read Gritz and learn!!!

sarasmile says...

Joe Dirt is my favorite comedy movie! Thank you for posting the deleted scene. They should have left that in!

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