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Friends Of Old Time Music

by: Various Artists

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Friends Of Old Time Music
The Folk Arrival 1961-1965

(Smithsonian Folkways)

Between 1961 and 1965, New York’s Friends of Old Time Music presented 14 concerts that introduced dozens of traditional musicians to city folk for the very first time.

Hailed as the “Folk Arrival,” these concerts forever changed the musical landscape of the 1960’s.

This boxed set features three CD’s filled with music hand picked by Peter K. Siegel, the man who recorded most of the concerts to begin with. He put together 55 tracks from the master tapes, 53 of which have never before been released, and a 60-page illustrated book, which he himself annotated.

Many of the artists included were performing live here for the first time. Doc and Arnold Watson perform “I’m troubled,” and there are excellent and historic live performances from Mississippi Fred McDowell, Roscoe Holcomb, Mother Maybelle Carter, and The Stanley Brothers. The father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys turn it up on “Live and Let Live,” and John Davis and The Georgia Sea Island Singers are brilliant on “Riley.” And those are just a few of the performances on disc one. Amazing.

Arthur Smith, the New Lost City Ramblers, Jesse Fuller, Mississippi John Hurt and Annie Bird are all of the bill, and Gaither Carlton joins Doc Watson for “Double File” and “Brown’s Dream.”

These legendary artists joined together for the first time and changed music history. Now you can hear it all, just as it was laid down. What a treat.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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