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Great American Bubble Factory

by: Drivin N Cryin

Album Artwork

(Vintage Earth Music)

Great American Bubble Factory counts as Drivin N Cryin’s first release in 12 years. The band originated in 1985, and earned a strong southern following. Leader Kevn Kinney pursued his solo career for the last decade, but now Drivin N Cryin returns with a rock and roll vengeance. It’s an album for the hardworking American.

Recently Kinney spoke about the soul of Great American Bubble Factory: “I think it’ll be comforting to the people who listen to it, and they’ll feel like it speaks to them, especially songs like ‘Pre-Approved, Pre-Denied’. A lot of people who are even lucky enough to be working right now are just living hand to mouth just to make do for their families and kids. I wanted a record that reflects that, that throws real life right back at ya but makes you feel good and affirms your life…”

“Detroit City” pays homage to Michigan rock and roll. “What Ever Happened” begs the musical question of America’s heart and soul. “I See Georgia” paints an image of all the hardworking folks pounding the highways for an honest dollar. “Midwestern Blues” covers another region of the country and every neighborhood’s depression over this anemic economy. “I Stand Tall” sings proud of the American way…

“Don’t Ya Know”, an acoustic Tom Petty-ish number, carries a resonating message of social stones in everyone’s path—from the factory worker to the songwriter. “Pre-Approved, Pre-Denied” weaves a common story most people’s credit problems. “Trainwreck” captures some rollicking, shit-kicking sentiment for a girl’s boredom in her one-horse hometown.

The CD closer, “This Town”, amplifies Kinney’s power as a singer/songwriter. With a great banjo, slide guitar sonic landscape, “This Town” sums up a worrisome reality sweeping across the country. Great American Bubble Factory’s message conveys an undying hope for America.

- James Calemine


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Bill Cochran says...

the snippets sound great..I can't wait to get these guys back..Kevin has that haunting voice that leaves me wanting to hear more.

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