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Moving On

by: Lauderdale

Album Artwork

(This Is American Music)

Lauderdale hails from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The group formed in 2005. Moving On counts as Lauderdale's debut album. Band members include Niles Lee (vocals/guitar), Patrick McDonald (drums), Daniel Stoddard (guitar/steel/vocals), Matt Green (bass) and Ben Tanner (keys/vocals). Moving On reveals the group's soulful Muscle Shoals roots.

The title track opens the album. If comparison is ncessary for the reader, they sound like a cross between Lucero and The Drive By Truckers, but they do not imitate. "Dressed Like The Devil" flashes country brilliance in the pedal steel wrapped around the emotive lyrics. "The Grant" stands out as one of the album's best tracks with sharp rock & roll guitar twangs. Great stuff...

"Drink To Sleep" emerges as a sand burn tune complete with soulful lyrics. "Torn at the Seams" keeps the pedal on the floor and Lee sings "Drinks kill the shakes/But not the mistakes..."

"Broken Man" begins the acoustic-based 'Side B'. "The Cost" sounds amazing. This is a mighty fine composition that would make Eddie Hinton proud. This track is strong testimony for this band's gift for songcraft.  "The Stars Fell", a dark and moody number, illuminates the Alabama sky on a midnight drive.

"Big Fish" evokes vivid images and a nostalgic sentiment complete with weeping pedal steel. "At Night" brings a quiet, subtle melody that creates expansive sonic landscape. The closer, "Into Your World" takes the listener into the wide cobalt blue horizon. I look forward to hearing more from Lauderdale.

James Calemine


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