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by: Jimmy Dormire

Album Artwork

(1968/Dream Spirits Music)

Jimmy Dormire is a helluva guitar player. His work with Confederate Railroad is always astounding, and he can pick that Southern rock and Outlaw Country like nobody’s business. But when it came time to stand in the spotlight and turn in a solo project, Dormire dropped back and punted, surprising most everyone with an album that is more jazz than country rock.

Indeed, the bulk of the tracks here are instrumental, and possess a very Larry Carlton style vibe. (Ironic, since the CD features Carlton's bassist, Chris Kent). One of my personal favorites is “As Above, As Below,” which finds Dormire vacillating between straight up lead and slinky slide guitar. Shannon Wickline accents the song well on B-3, and Chris Kent and Nioshi Jackson take a run on bass and drums respectively.

Jimmy turns in a great vocal with some deeply meaningful lyrical content on the excellent “Fall Down On Your Knees,” and “The Infinite Line” is a beautiful somber piece that really caught my ear as well.

Excellent songs, stellar guitar playing, and a deep seated spirituality make Premonition a real diamond in the rough. Don’t miss it.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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