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GRITZFEST II Photo Retrospective

Photos from GRITZFEST II, The Haiti Relief Concert at Crossroads Music Hall, Huntsville, Alabama; February 26, 2010

Photos by Michael Buffa;o Smith except where noted

THE GREEN ROOM: Donna Hall, Tommy Talton and Bonnie Bramlett


Bonnie and Shawna P


Crosstown Allstars soundcheck


Buffalo sings. (Lori Deluca Putnam Photo)


FRIENDS: Tommy Talton, Donna Hall Foster, Jimmy Hall, Kelvin Holly, Terry Reeves and Tommy Crain.


Talton and Hall. (Lori Deluca Putnam Photo)


Jimmy Hall, Lori Deluca Putnam, Gig Michaels, and Michael Buffalo.


Sonny picks on "Can't You See" (Lori Deluca Putnam Photo)


Hall and Crain (Lori Deluca Putnam Photo)


Bonnie sings.


Bonnie and Tom Crain and Jack Hall.


Karen Blackmon Caldwell, Buffalo and Donna Hall Foster.


Stage manager Dick Cooper.


Greg Holt. (Dick Cooper Photo)


Donna shows Bonnie some love!


Guy Gilchrist and Greg Holt.


Guy and Tommy Talton.








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