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TF Conference Championship Preview

Posted: Dec 01, 2007

Today is the day we find out whether it will be an all-Swampland matchup in the BCS Championship Game.  If all goes according to plan it should be Missouri vs. West Virginia.  Still, there are a few other game worth watching.  It has been a great year for college football in the Footprint.  Let's hope we had into bowl season in style.

Patrick Snow has a great column this week about coaching changes in the Footprint.  Watch him on Athlon's preview of this weekend's games.



Tennessee vs. LSU

The SEC has had an amazing year.  Again, it is hard to think that no team from this conference will play for a national title.  The winner of this game has a lot to be proud of.  LSU has only two losses, both in triple OT.  The Vols rebounded from a tough start to win the games that counted down the stretch.

It is sad but a fact of today's SEC football climate that there are coaching issues swirling around LSU.  DC Bo Pelini is rumored to have already been named as Nebraska's new coach, and HC Les Miles has already rumored to have taken the job with his alma mater Michigan about their head coaching job.  TF thinks that both will be gone before New Year's Day rolls around.

The toll of injuries and the coaching questions may doom LSU who has been skating on thin ice ever since the Florida game.  Phil Fulmer's momentum may bring a win to the Vols.


Missouri vs. Oklahoma

This is it for Missouri.  They have a chance to pass the one test they have failed consistently over the last 20+ years - beating Oklahoma.  Oklahoma represents the Tigers only blemish on their otherwise perfect season.

Missouri can re-define thier program by winning today.  They can play for a national title.  They can redeem the Big 12 North.  However, Oklahoma is tougher than tough when healthy, and they are right now.


Virginia Tech vs. Boston College

If only Va Tech or Clemson had taken care of business during the regular season, then we wouldn't have a team from Boston in contention to represent one of the Footprint's oldest conferences.

Tech fans should be the dominant noisemakers in Jacksonville today.  Like Missouri, they get a rematch against their only blemish on an otherwise fine season.  (Yes, they lost big to LSU, but I don't think anyone thought that the Hokies could win that one.)

Please put the Matt Ryan for Heisman talk to rest today, Tech.


West Virginia at Pittsburgh

Louisville already made themselves bowl eligible by beatin Rutgers on Thursday.  Now, the Mountaineers must win against an old rival to ensure their place in the BCS title game.

If WVa blows it to Wannstedt's crew, then they don't deserve anything.


Tulsa at UCF

These two teams played in the inaugural C-USA championship game two years ago.  Today, they meet in UCF's new stadium on ESPN at noon.  Both of these teams have fine players, but UCF should win.  They are the model of where C-USA wants to go.  The school has all new, on campus facilities.  They beat NC State this year and put a big scare into Texas.

This conference needs UCF to win and then win their bowl game and get ranked by season's end.

We shall see.


FAU at Troy

For all intents and purposes, this is the Sun Belt Championship.  It just was previously scheduled at the beginning of the season.  Troy and FAU have been the class of the Sun Belt all year.  TF would like to see a good game to further establish this emerging conference.

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